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Tactical Tail Bags


Tactical Tail Bags



external Tri Coated ( upper PVC, fabric Nylon ,Internal rubber coated) 600×900 D Big chord Nylon
Internal lining Rubber Coated nylon (raincoat cloth)
Zipper YES
Fittings FF, 100% PVC fittings
REFLECTIVES 3m scotchlite
FASTENERS Industrial grade narrow woven fabric
Front/ back, flap paddings 12mm thick white Hitlon/ Polyurathene foam
Base and side padding 12mm Crosslink foam
Stitching 15 stitches per inch with 4T Pure Nylon Thread, dobule stitches on all critical areas
Dimensions Primary Storage
Collapsed;- internal 8x12x17”
Expanded;- internal 13x12x17′
Outer pockets
back;- 9x5x1
top;- 10x14x1
back;- 9x5x1
Mobile;- 7x5x1
TOTAL CAPACITY Total liters collapsed;- 33 Liters
Total liters expanded;- 50 liters
Motorcycles compatible with compatible with most motorcycles and scooters as a tailbag/ auxillary luggage solution
1ST AID BASIC Kit SterIlized Cotton 10mg, Adeshive Tape, Cotton Bandage, ORS Salts,Merbromine Solution,Hydrogen Peroxide,Neomycin Cream. COMPLIMENTARY
Product Description The Tactical Tail bag cum Backpack is an extremely convenient, compact stiff and high load bearing bag which fits on all bikes as a tail bag. Compatible with any saddle bag as an auxillary luggage solution. 8 point fittings to prevent the bag from moving when expanded and completely loaded. 4 corners fitted with 1” PVC quick release buckles. All 4 sides fitted with single hand operation double lock buckles which prevent the bag from moving on off-road tracks. 2” interlocking fabric strips to prevent the bag from sliding. Convenient shape and size to fit on any motorcycle seat. Can be converted into a backpack at will.Fits in most helmets easily. 1” buckles and belts[2] to fit the bag on any seat* the belts should ideally be installed from underneath the seat. High visibility rain-cover included. Plastic coated radium piping on both side panels for safety.
USP Heavy duty fabric
Unique features such as free medical kit
Soft case pannier look
Heavy weight carrying capacity
Single fabric construction on critical weight bearing areas
Unique shape retentioners on all sides
A 100% proudly Made In India Product
PRICE 3500/-
INSTALLATION Remove seat and pass the 1” belts from underneath the seat. Lock seat place the bag securely on the pillion seat lock the quick release buckles to the bike mount section of the bag which is entirely separable from the main bag. Secure the bag on the bike mount by pulling the loose end of the belts going under the seat. Lock the bag on the bike mount by securing the single hand opertaional double locking buckles.

The Thinking Behind

About the tactical tail bags :-

The thinking behind it :-

Our main concern while designing the Tactical Tail bag was to provide a universal luggage solution to all riders who are involved in short time long distance speed rides to carry the basic necessities like tools, water, securely without hindering their speeds and stability on the highways. So started the working behind a small looking compact tail bag which could be used on the road as well as on offroads and which could be expanded into a 50L bag if necessary.

Our main targets were those who take the roads less taken, as well as those who took the long way home.. to make the bag as universal as possible we decided that it should not go outside seat length making it the perfectly compatible companion for those using saddle bags and panniers as it takes up only the pillions seat leaving the entire sides free for primary luggage systems.

To make it as safe as possible we decide to give it a good shape retention of 15mm thick hitlon padding which ensures that the bag retains its shape.. filled or empty it also gives an unseen advantage when filled to its 50L capacity and fitted on bike.. The shape retaining top packs your luggage tightly preventing it from toppling over to the sides, also soft but firm padding means that your bungee cords will fold it down slightly thereby making it easier to operate and prevents the fabric from wear and tear when tightly wound up.

The fitting structure is an altogether different story by itself… We wanted to ensure the bag fits perfectly like a pillion filled or empty.. it shouldn’t move on road or off the road.. The 8 point tie ups ensure that the bag stays in its location even if the bike falls one strap behind the bike to prevent it from sliding towards the rider and two foot peg straps to keep the pressure from both side provide the perfect and universal solution best suited for all bikes! The second type tie up which many people preferred was the old removing the seat technique.. to make the bag conform to this was easy enough all we needed was to add two more straps and it was done! So the bag can now be mounted both above the seat as well as under the seat.

Then making it convertible into a easy to use bag pack was the last thing left to do.. this made the bag usable even in daily use! So now the bag is universal, easy to fit/ remove and perfectly suited to carry everything from your laptop to your helmet to your clothes and more! Therefore the name tactical was the only name we could think of for this masterpiece! ( this bag too has a complementary first aid kit and raincovers included)


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